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Thursday, September 15, 2005


The reason I have been so busy lately is that I am moving on October 6th. I am excited, but it is a lot of work. The other reason is I had to drop out of school. Yes, I have now dropped out of college twice! This time the government didn't want to give me enough money to go to school b/c I am under 24 and they think my parents should pay. I tried to get private loans, but I couldn't. It doesn't matter anyway b/c the way my school is set up, I will be a dependent next year too. Since I dropped out, I will be enrolling as an independent and everything will work out. I will enroll again next year after I turn 24 and I will be ok. I am just going to be delayed a year, so it isn't a big deal. At least I want to go back!!!!

I haven't had time to knitt or sew b/c of this and b/c of moving. My boyfriend won't let me buy anymore yarn or fabric until after we move, but that is only 3 weeks and I still get to buy stuff for the needle exchange. I still can't find my camera, so I won't have any pictures until I do. I have a feeling that I will find it on the day I move somewhere behind the couch!!!!


Blogger Catherine Kerth said...

good luck with the move:)

10:27 AM  

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