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Monday, September 19, 2005

Jack's straight jacket

Ok, so the sweater did not turn out well. I put it on him and he couldn't walk in it!! He would try to run around and he would just fall over. I am a mean mommy and I left it on just to laugh at him. I decided that I am going to buy him a sweater instead. Hopefully I will have it perfected before it gets cold here. I do have until January and then it might be cold for like a week!! I am just kidding, but it is practically true. I am making him a little scarf out of the yarn and the sweater I am getting him is a cable knitt in off white, so it will go very well. Ricky said that he is going to look like a preppy college boy. He is even considering buying him a couple of rugby shirts. I know, we are pathetic. I laugh at people who dress up their animals, but here I am doing it myself!!! It started out for a practical reason. Jack gets cold when I walk him in the morning and it is 71 degress outside!!! I can't wait to post the scarf. I will also put a picture of the sweater, but it is going in the frogging pile!!!

I have been shopping for my needle exchange pal. Tee hee!! She is going to be so happy!!!!


Blogger Catherine Kerth said...

poor likttle jack! he will look great in a sweater you made or not!

3:13 PM  

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